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Our formulas contain a combination of 3 different pheromones.

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What To Expect When Wearing Pheromones

If you are wearing pheromones and are dancing with someone, especially slow dancing, you'll have an edge. If you are sitting near someone like in a movie theater or in a restaurant, you'll have an edge. If you are in a conversation with someone, you'll have an edge. If the person isn't sure about how involved they want to get with you, you'll have an edge. If the other person is saying "No way!" to themselves, pheromones most likely are not going to do it for you.

Will you walk into a club and find what you are looking for? Maybe. Pheromones can give you an edge. If someone of the opposite sex does not like your looks or charisma, alcohol will do a better job than pheromones. If the person is someone that does not believe in giving in on the first date, pheromones may increase the temptation but if the person is determined to resist, pheromones are not going to do it. If the other person thinks your looks are marginal or their feelings to the whole situation are marginal, you'll have an edge.

If you are already in a relationship, wearing our pheromone products can intensify the romance between the two of you. Using a variety of the scents we offer can increase your partner's excitement. The change in scents can help to keep things surprisingly fresh and new.

Keep in mind that until the last 50 years or less, people did not shower all the time like we do now. Pheromones had a lot more presence in the average person than they do now. How do we make up for lost pheromones? Skipping showers is not the way to go. Working up a sweat before going out will probably not do it for you although I have seen that actually work providing you don't smell body odor. Applying Danainae pheromone products is a great alternative. Danainae offers a two edged sword. In addition to the pheromones we use, there are certain aromas that arouse people sexually. After all, how many women think smelling like pumpkin pie and lavender is going to arouse a man or what man thinks smelling like licorice and banana is going to turn on a woman? Our scents are based on these aromas. You need to try it and find out for yourself.

What Not To Expect When Wearing Pheromones

Have you heard about a person getting more looks from the opposite sex across a room because of wearing pheromones?

Not possible! Pheromones do not radiate across a room. Can this really happen? Of course it can. An individual applies a pheromone product and goes to a club. The hope that the pheromones will work causes the wearer to look at others to see if their attention has been grabbed. Of course it has. Why? The pheromone wearer appears very sociable and confident since the wearer's eyes are on everyone to see if they are noticing. Will pheromones spell success for the wearer? If the wearer starts dancing with someone or gets in a conversation with someone, the wearer will have an edge.

What are pheromones?

Scientific studies have been conducted researching the relationship between pheromones and what makes one person attract another person. It has been determined that pheromones are undetectable, odorless airborne chemicals produced by our sweat glands that send subconscious, alluring signals to the opposite sex. Unfortunately, they decrease in number and potency as we age. They are removed by our habits of daily showering and wearing antiperspirants. Counteract this decline in pheromones with Danainae products.

Which pheromones do Danainae products contain?

Our men's products contain a special pheromone blend of Androstenone (suggests an aura of male strength and dominance), Androstenol (suggests an aura of sociability), and Alpha Androsterone (suggests an aura of protectiveness).

Our women's products contain a special pheromone blend of Androstenol (suggests an aura of sociability), Estratetraenol (suggests an aura of femininity) and Androstenone (suggests an aura of attractiveness).