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Exclusive pheromone perfumes to attract men.

Our formulas contain a blend of Androstenol, Estratetraenol and Androstenone.

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Pheromones For Women

Invite him into your life with our exclusive line of oil based pheromone perfume developed for women. All scents are available as scented oils and solid scents. Our spill-proof roll-on bottles are designed for quick applications. Choose from either the discreet and portable secret size or full size bottles. Our easily applied solids come in two sizes of slim line jars.

We offer these 37 fragrances for women in four container sizes

Amber Musk              Options

category: LIGHT MUSK

This delicate combination of sunshine and radiant musk touched by golden amber was developed for summery days and sultry nights.

Amulet                  Options

category: FRUITY MUSK

Invite him into your palace chamber with juicy pomegranate, fresh black raspberries and rich, creamy vanilla falling into a strong base of exotic frankincense, myrrh and Egyptian musk.

Asian Summer            Options


Be his woman of mystery with this oriental blend of sun kissed currants, Asian florals, nag champa, warm vanilla and cherry heliotrope on a base of exotic woods and white musk.

Bewitched               Options

category: WOODY FLORAL

Cast a potent and mesmerizing spell with this extrinsic brew of soft rose petals, mandarin peels and mysterious black violets dominated by warm sandalwood and exotic incense.

Blackberry Laiche       Options


Stimulate his appetency with succulent blackberries and creamy vanilla adorned with hints of white lilies and gentle woods.

Blooming Rain           Options

category: FRESH FLORAL

Fresh white florals, sweet freesia and blooming violets showered with rain drops and kissed by delicate musk will lure him to romantic places.

10% off
Brulee Bash             Options


Be his choice from the dessert cart with caramelized sugar, creme anglaise, warm vanilla bean and dulce de leche, entwined with citrus peel and exotic wood.

*10% Discount applied at checkout.

Candied Musk            Options


Sugary lemon drops, rich red raspberries, exotic fig leaves and soft sugars combined with hints of powder and select musks spark his irresistible desire to find you irresistible.

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Cocoa Berry Blossoms    Options


Be his personal carte du jour with dark cocoa, creamy vanilla and heavenly red raspberries laced with sweet amber and delicate vineyard blossoms.

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Cocoli Island           Options


Unhinge his island fantasies with ripe, juicy mangos, vanilla bean, Hawaiian plumeria and tropical orchids on a sultry base of light musks and delicate woods.

Coconut Grove           Options


Give him an inch with the simply sexy aroma of tropical black coconut united with creme anglaise. Entice him a mile with a heavy base of exotic frankincense and elegant myrrh.

20% off
Dancing Moon            Options

category: FLORAL

Tango on the moon with this soft and sexy dance of sweet roses, luscious lavender, blooming violets and romantic passion flowers on a base of warm amber and exotic essences.

*20% Discount applied at checkout.

Dark Divinity           Options


A tempting blend of rich, dark chocolate, warm vanilla beans extracted from the tropical vanilla orchid and orange neroli blossoms. Note: Man cannot live by chocolate alone, but he may die trying!

10% off
Eden's Orchid           Options

category: FLORAL

No apple for this Eve! Captivate him with this mesmerizing blend of tropical orchids and warm vanilla beans on a subtle base of soft powder and sultry musk.

*10% Discount applied at checkout.

Egyptian Musk           Options

category: MUSK

A sensuous, delicate, close and personal fragrance. Enhances the natural scent of your skin. Intrigue him with whispers of clean musk, complimented by extremely subtle floral and woodsy notes.

Famished                Options


His hunger becomes uncontrollable as he is magnetized by the essence of inescapable, provocative pumpkin pie and lavender, laced with sensual amber and citrus kissed wood.

Firebug                 Options


Lightening strikes him twice with red hot cinnamon, warm vanilla beans, orange neroli blossoms, and tropical orchids on a loaded dry down of warm amber and smoldering, sweet woods.

Fleur de Banane         Options


A foreplay of island banana and vanilla bean extracted from the vanilla orchid climax with African wild gardenia, seductive star jasmine, Hawaiian frangipani and elegant tuberose in this upscale, tropical frenzy.

Flower Of Life          Options

category: MUSK

Make your pharaoh come to life with this contemporary Egyptian musk. The seductive lotus combined with whispers of soft, subtle florals rest gently on a powdery, romantic base.

Golden Ankh             Options

category: MUSK

The scent of vanilla ranks "numero uno" with mature men. Warm vanilla beans extracted from the tropical vanilla orchid, elegant amber and subtle hints of cocoa powder marry a hypnotic Egyptian musk base.

Imagination de Jasmin   Options

category: SPICY FLORAL

Let his imagination run wild with apricot laced osmanthus, orange neroli blossoms, seductive star jasmine, creamy vanilla, and spicy anise united with a bottom of warm amber and exotic sandalwood.

Passion Flower          Options

category: FLORAL

Passion up with the simplistic magnetism of the exotic passion flower whose delicate origin whispers sweet nothings as he draws closer.

Patchouli Rose          Options


Make an intimate suggestion with a touch of citrus peel, sweetheart roses and a whisper of African pomegranate that respond to a heady base of light patchouli.

Pink Carnival           Options


Generate funhouse games for two with this scrumptious, child-like cotton candy essence amplified with hints of fresh strawberries, warm vanilla, creamy caramel and just a whisper of light musk.

Pure Incite             Options

category: LIGHT MUSK

Purely sensual, light white musk with just a touch of warm amber to enhance your unique body chemistry and incite his affections.

Queen Of Egypt          Options

category: FLORAL MUSK

Coax your king of the Nile into submission with this Egyptian musk accented with roses, jungle orchids and soft florals, enhanced with vanilla planifolia.

Raspberry Violets       Options


Entrap him with this dark, almost prohibitive combo of luscious violets, sweet black raspberries and romantic florals finishing with a base of soft, sensual musk touched by island vanilla.

Rose Berry Cacao        Options


Occupy his daydreams with a bed of garden rose petals, spring violets and lush summer berries, tenderly embraced by the essence of light cacao.

Sacred Sapphire         Options

category: FLORAL MUSK

Yes, you may! Take two steps closer with majestic amber, sexy osmanthus, seductive star jasmine, night blooming tobacco flower, exotic incense and patchouli on a powdery Egyptian musk base.

Stirrings               Options

category: FRESH FLORAL

Send him a flirtatious message with the majestic blue lotus, subtle hints of may rose, enchanting jasmine, lily of the valley and dew drops touched by warm, inviting woods.

Strawberry Cake         Options


Surrounded by seasonal greenery, this French cream cake topped with ripe strawberries will make him think of dessert....but not the bakery kind.

Sweet Expectations      Options


Taunt his insatiable appetite with gooey caramel, sweet creams, soft sugars, warm vanilla, toasted hazelnuts and soft kisses of gentle musk.

Topaz Dragon            Options

category: MUSK

Let his heart race through your rose garden as the majestic rose and other exotics form a perfect union with warm amber, alluring frankincense and enticing myrrh in this seductive musk.

Tropical Haze           Options


Charm his affections with sweet tropical fruits, gentle white florals and rain showers kissed by soft musk.

Vanilla Sugar Soiree    Options


Satisfy his innermost cravings with hints of brown sugar, gobs of dulce de leche, vanilla bean extracted from the vanilla orchid and hints of warm amber and sweet sandalwood.

Water Garden            Options

category: FLORAL

The softest, most romantic, fresh aquatic florals in the water garden are gently kissed by a base of soft, clean musk......sneak attack!

Whispery Woods          Options

category: LIGHT MUSK

He'll see you in a more natural light with understated white florals that softly whisper to gentle woods touched by warm musk.