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Exclusive pheromone perfumes and colognes to attract men & women.

Our formulas contain a combination of 3 different pheromones.

Prices starting at $2.99


What are we all about anyway?

Everyone craves extra attention from the opposite sex, so why should the guys be the ones having all the fun?

There are pheromone companies galore offering products for the guys to attract women. We do too. Unlike most companies, though, we've designed a selection of products formulated to give women an edge in dating. It's not just for guys anymore! Now women can get the boost they need to increase their odds of meeting and keeping more guys more interested more often. It's your chance to turn the tables on the guys. It's only fair, right? Guys may not think so. I think they like the fact that the pheromone business caters to them. There are some guys out there that have a little something extra going on that you probably you didn't know about. Now you know their little secret....

Need some scent suggestions? We have a lot of great scents. Pick the ones you think you'll like wearing, since they all contain the same pheromones. But if you like guys over 40, magnetize them with Golden Ankh. Older guys love this vanilla based scent. If you're not much for perfume, and like to smell close to natural, but still be able to wear pheromones, go with Egyptian Musk. It really comes alive in clubs, gyms and anywhere everyone is working up a lot of body heat. You'll be the one smelling fresh and naturally sexy.

We've been in business since 2008 and we're a company founded by women, with women in mind. Don't get us wrong. We sell men's products and love men as much as you do. We just want you to have the same chance as the guys to get more of what you want out of dating.

And for you guys who are reading this.....

You've tried various pheromone products to get extra attention from women, but it hasn't turn out quite the way you expected?

We've designed uniquely scented pheromone products formulated to give you an edge in dating. Put aside your pheromone products that smell like menthol or body odor or worse! Maybe they work sometimes and other times they're a fast acting female repellent. Take a sniff and put yourself in a woman's place. Is it time to give something different a try?

Our scents are based on laboratory studies conducted to determine what kinds of aromas are pleasing to women. The results of those studies are down right shocking! For example, black licorice mixed with certain fruits rank high in sensually arousing women. Would you ever have guessed that? It's okay. We've done the homework for you.

Want to know more? Take a look at our Pheromone FAQ page. Learn what pheromones can and cannot do for you.