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Danainae offers over 50 uniquely

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colognes and perfumes with pheromones for men & women. Our formulas contain a combination of three different pheromones.



What are pheromones?

About the world of butterflies..... Pheromones are chemicals produced in the scent glands of the Danainae and other butterfly species which send subconscious signals to the opposite sex. These pheromones are released into the air while in flight to attract a mate. They can be quickly detected by other butterflies, sometimes over a considerable distance. Often, we will see butterflies coming together during close aerial contact. It is interesting to note that attracting a mate is the sole purpose of an adult butterfly's existence.

About the world of humans..... Scientific studies have been conducted researching the relationship between pheromones and what makes one person attract another person. It has been determined that pheromones are undetectable, odorless airborne chemicals produced by our sweat glands that send subconscious, alluring signals to the opposite sex. Unfortunately, they decrease in number and potency as we age. They are removed by our habits of daily showering and wearing antiperspirants. It is interesting to note that attracting a partner may not be the sole purpose of human existence, but it plays a significant part in the lives of most people.

Welcome to Danainae! (pronounced Da nay“ nee)

What are aphrodisiacs?

The word aphrodisiac originates from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensuality, love, beauty and desire. Throughout history, many foods, drinks, and aromas have had a reputation for arousing sensuality and desire.

Each Danainae scent offered is formulated with aromatic oils valued for their sensually arousing, aphrodisiac capabilities. Ambers, cedarwoods, champas, cinnamons, frankincense, gingers, jasmines, lotuses, musks, myrrhs, neroli blossoms, patchoulis, pomegranates, roses, sandalwoods and vanillas have retained this reputation for millenniums. Chocolates, currants, dessert/gourmand varieties, gardenias, lavender blends, mangoes, oranges, passion flowers, raspberries, strawberries, and violets have earned this reputation in our present day.

Which pheromones do Danainae products contain?

Our men's products contain a special pheromone blend of Androstenone (suggests an aura of male strength and dominance), Androstenol (suggests an aura of sociability), and Alpha Androsterone (suggests an aura of protectiveness).

Our women's products contain a special pheromone blend of Androstenol (suggests an aura of sociability), Estratetraenol (suggests an aura of femininity) and Androstenone (suggests an aura of attractiveness).

How do I apply and care for Danainae?

Unlike ordinary fragrances, Danainae contains no alcohol. The scent will last up to 8 hours or more, depending on your skin type. Apply externally to your skin anywhere you usually wear fragrances, emphasizing your pulse points. Always replace the cap after application. Never leave Danainae in a hot car, in direct sunlight or around other sources of extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.

Personally, for me, the scent throw and staying power of Danainae is not what it should be. How can I correct this?

Especially during the winter months, varying degrees of dry skin can be a problem for many of us. Since Danainae is oil based, dry skin will absorb the scent more readily and cause it weaken. Slightly dry skin will weaken the scent somewhat, while very dry skin will actually absorb much of it. Try applying some unscented body lotion to your skin before applying Danainae and see if this helps. Most times, you will see an increase in scent throw and duration.

How many scents do you offer?

We offer over 50 unique scents in our Scented Oils and Solid Scents lines. Each month, a different Danainae scent is featured as our "Scent Of The Month", and is offered at a 20% discount, so try them all!

What are some of your more interesting scents?

It's hard to narrow it down, but a couple are Firebug for the ladies, and Special Effects for the guys.

Is Danainae available in retail stores?

Danainae products are available exclusively online.


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